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THORNTONE HELLAS was created with a view to bring in the market instruments and vehicles of high technology for each defensive and structural use.

The collaborators of the company, are recognized internationally for their specialisation in products of high technology and requirements. All the products of the company fill highly standard quality, ISO and gradation of special specifications.



FFG's origins go right back to 1872. Firstly sailing ships were built, followed by steamers. As success came, the company grew and with it, the willingness to invest in new pioneering areas of technology. Modern mechanical engineering for example was the prerequisite for becoming a successful fittingout yard. It was this highly developed know-how that prompted the order from the German armed forces, who were looking for a partner to service and equip vehicles during the '60s. Today the company premises covering 30,000 m² on the Flensburger Förde are home to a high-tech company with internationally acknowledged innovative powers in civilian and military fields.


Baumaschinenhandel Kleinheider GmbH was founded in 1974. We provide trade, leasing, financing and repair of used work machines on an international basis.


Zeppelin is a Holding company with tree strategic business units ,construction machinery , Silos and power systems.The Zeppelin Holding company has its beginnings in airship construction in Freidrichhafen-over 100 years ago.

Military Technology

In the beginning of 21st century, the modern methods of conduct of enterprises in defence of each country as well as the problems of uniformity and harmonisation in the equipment which results in the frame of inter-country alliances, they render imperative the need of revision and harmonisation of national strategy defence but also the establishment and enactment of common policy equipping.

To this direction, extended enterprising collaborations in the sector of defence, constitute catalysts today and lead to the standardisation defensive systems, the military infrastructure and the operational planning.

Construction Mashinery

The enterprise Thorntone Hellas, activates also in the sector of structural instruments and tools. The sector compose executives, full of experience in the Greek and the international market .Many of them have been valorising from their choices but also their proposals, through small and big technical work.

The company represents eponymous and valorising European houses of manufacture of specialised instruments.

Specifically, the enterprise imports , every kind of structural instruments and completed systems for the support of the building and technical work, which functions with current, air, oil or petrol, and covers any requirement in the modern building manufactures and industrial applications.

In the guest list of Thorntone, are included the biggest constructional companies of Greece, other technical companies, contractors and subcontractors of buildings. With our equipment have provided many of the worksites which materialise the constructional program of the country in the hall territory . Main target is the direct and qualitative service of our customers as well as the guarantee for the support of products afterwards the sale.

Fire Commander

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Guarantees / Certificates

ISO Certified, external and internal quality audits

On-going innovative improvements in all production processes is an integral component of the corporate philosophy, by “Thorntone Hellas” and all of our partners.

The total quality management system encompasses all relationships with other companies on all levels of the delivery chain and production process.

The aim is to guarantee a quality standard which is documented by certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, and whose claim to perfection goes way beyond these specifications in many years.


Contact with: Georgios Loukisas

Koumpari 3
10674 Athens - Greece

0030 210 3311485
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